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China Gates [Adams, John]
Balcony Scene (From Romeo + Juliet) [Armstrong, Craig]
Glasgow Love Theme (From Love Actually) [Armstrong, Craig]
Weather Storm [Armstrong, Craig]
The Belles Of St Trinian's [Arnold, Malcolm]
Four Scottish Dances - IV. Con brio [Arnold, Malcolm]
Sarabande [Arnold, Malcolm]
Adagio For Strings [Barber, Samuel]
Excursions - I. Vivo [Rodney Bennett, Richard]
Excursions - III. Allegro [Rodney Bennett, Richard]
Partridge Pie - Eight Maids A-Milking [Rodney Bennett, Richard]
Partridge Pie - Eleven Ladies Dancing [Rodney Bennett, Richard]
Nicole’s Theme (from Tender Is The Night) [Rodney Bennett, Richard]
Rosemary’s Waltz (from Tender Is The Night) [Rodney Bennett, Richard]
Five Short Pieces - II. Allegro moderato [Berkeley, Lennox]
Five Short Pieces - V. Allegro [Berkeley, Lennox]
Mazurka, Op.101/2 [Berkeley, Lennox]
Mr. Pilkington’s Toye [Berkeley, Lennox]
Piano Pieces - No.2 [Berkeley, Lennox]
Six Preludes - III. Allegro moderato [Berkeley, Lennox]
Six Preludes - VI. Andante [Berkeley, Lennox]
Two Interludes - II. Moderato [Bliss, Arthur]
Bagatelles Diverses - II. Digression [Chapple, Brian]
Bagatelles Diverses - VI. Spanish Dance [Chapple, Brian]
The Blue Pool (from On The Cool Side) [Chapple, Brian]
The Snow Melts (from Lazy Days) [Chapple, Brian]
The Eternal Vow (from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) [Dun, Tan]
The Crane Dance [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Dietro Casa [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Discovery At Night [Einaudi, Ludovico]
L'Origine Nascosta [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Primavera [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Run [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Una Mattina [Einaudi, Ludovico]
Danse Rituelle du Feu (from El Amor Brujo) [de Falla, Manuel]
The North Pole (from Frozen Planet) [Fenton, George]
Opening Piece from ‘Glassworks’ [Glass, Philip]
Metamorphosis Five [Glass, Philip]
Orphée Suite - V. Music Interlude [Act II Scene V] [Glass, Philip]
Trilogy Sonata: Knee Play No.4 (from Einstein On The Beach) [Glass, Philip]
An Album For My Friends - II. Adam's Allemande [Gregson, Edward]
An Album For My Friends - III. Clare's Courante [Gregson, Edward]
An Album For My Friends - IV. Stefan's Sarabande [Gregson, Edward]
An Album For My Friends - V. Gaynor's Gavotte [Gregson, Edward]
Bagatela No.1 [from Once Bagatelas, Op.19] [Halffter, Rodolfo]
Three Secrets From The Abyss - I. Intense Introspection [Harle, John]
Three Secrets From The Abyss - II. Unutterable Sadness [Harle, John]
Three Secrets From The Abyss - III. Profound Longing [Harle, John]
Towards The Light - III. Arioso [Hawes, Patrick]
Towards The Light - V. Ave Maria [Hawes, Patrick]
Towards The Light - X. The Time Of Sacrifice [Hawes, Patrick]
Sonatina 1947 - II. Andantino [Werner Henze, Hans]
Clearer Nuance (Section 3 from ‘for L.C. at 50’, Migas Book 1) [Holt, Simon]
Solitude [Ibert, Jacques]
Otra Vez Huyendo y Sin Despedirme (from All About My Mother) [Iglesias, Alberto]
Treasure (from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) [Iglesias, Alberto]
Folk Melodies - IV. The Shepherd Girl [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Folk Melodies - V. An Apple Hangs On The Apple-Tree [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Folk Melodies - VII. Master Michael [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Folk Melodies - X. The Grove [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Folk Melodies - XI. The Gander [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Folk Melodies - XII. The Schoolmaster [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Bucolics, No.1 [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Bucolics, No.5 [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Invention [Lutoslawski, Witold]
Reliqui domum meum (from Two Organ Pieces) [Maxwell Davies, Peter]
Six Secret Songs - II. Allegro [Maxwell Davies, Peter]
Snowfall In Winter (Study No.9 'Hommage à Debussy') [McCabe, John]
Pessebres [Créches] – I. Dansa
A Hudson Cycle [Muhly, Nico]
Big My Secret (from The Piano) [Nyman, Michael]
The Heart Asks Pleasure First--The Promise--The Sacrifice (from The Piano) [Nyman, Michael]
Opus 28 [O’Halloran, Dustin]
Nocturne No.8 [Poulenc, Francis]
Mouvements Perpétuels - III. Alerte [Poulenc, Francis]
Trois Novelettes - No.1 in C Major - Modéré sans lenteur [Poulenc, Francis]
Trois Novelettes - No.2 in B-flat Minor - Très rapide et rythmé [Poulenc, Francis]
Trois Novelettes - No.3 in E Minor - Andantino tranquillo [Poulenc, Francis]
Promenades - III. Á Cheval [Poulenc, Francis]
Promenades - VIII. En Chemin De Fer [Poulenc, Francis]
Suite pour Piano - I. Presto [Poulenc, Francis]
'Farewell' Theme (from Between Strangers) [Zbigniew, Preisner]
A Good Morning Melody [Zbigniew, Preisner]
Horizon Variations [Richter, Max]
Prelude [Saariaho, Kaija]
Zebra Music - No.1-6 [Swayne, Giles]
Les Cinq Doigts [Stravinsky, Igor]
6/11/98 [Talbot, Joby]
Cloud Watching [Talbot, Joby]
Once Around The Sun: January - 'A Yellow Disc Rising From The Sea' [Talbot, Joby]
Once Around The Sun: June - 'Transit Of Venus' [Talbot, Joby]
Once Around The Sun: November - 'Eleven' [Talbot, Joby]
Techno Etude No.1 [Tanak, Karen]
Mandoodles [Tavener, John]
The Lamb [Tavener, John]
Las Musas de Andalucia, Op.93 - VIII. Terpsícore [Turina, Joaquín]
Water Night [Whitacre, Eric]
Calmo (No.3 from Three Piano Pieces, Op.5) [Wood, Hugh]
I've Turned The Page [Weir, Judith]
Die Sonate vom Guten Menschen (from Das Leben der Anderen) [Yared, Gabriel]
Lovers On Balloon (from Map Of The Human Heart) [Yared, Gabriel]
L'Imaginaire (From Sauve Qui Peut La Vie) [Yared, Gabriel]
Romance (from Sylvia) [Yared, Gabriel]
Not Talking (from Breaking And Entering) [Yared, Gabriel]

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