Everything You Wanted To Know About Clawhammer Banjo (Book/Online Audio)

Nástroj: Banjo
Kód produktu: MLB 99246M
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Kompletní učebnice pro středně pokročilé a pokročilé.
Velmi podrobný výklad hry na banjo ve stylu Clawhammer, typickém pro americký folk.
Obsahuje více než 120 melodií a přes 200 hudebních ukázek a cvičení v tabulatuře.
Formát A4, 200 stran, text English.
S unikátním kódem pro stažení audio nahrávek.

Angeline the Baker (Octave Up)  
Arkansas Traveller 
Banjo Breakdown  
Bay of Fundy, The (With Backups) 
Beaumont Rag  
Black Hoe, The 
Black Mill, The  
Black Velvet Waltz 
Buffalo Gals  
Chicken Polka 
Chorus Jig  
Christmas Day In The Morning 
Cooley's Reel  
Country Waltz 
Crooked Stovepipe  
Crossing The Minch 
Darlin' Nelly Grey  
Dashing White Sergeant, The 
Dill Pickle Rag  
Dismissal, The  
Don MacLean's Farewell To Oban 
Dona Nobis Pacem  
Ducks On The Pond 
Dudanota (Hungarian Piping Tune)  
Duke of Perth, The 
Earl's Jig  
Far From Home 
Fiddlin' Phil  
Fisher's Hornpipe (Minstrel Version) 
Flowers Of Edinburgh, The  
Flying Cloud Cotillion 
Foggy Clawhammer  
Gemstone Reel 
George V's Army  
Grandfather's Clock 
Green Meadow Reel  
Harvest Home Hornpipe 
Heather On The Hill  
High Reel, The 
Honeymoon Polka 
Hull's Victory  
Indian Nation 
Indy's Favorite  
Island Boy 
Jamaica Farewell  
Janet Beaton 
Jay Bird  
Jentland Tune 
John Dan MacPherson Jig'  
Judique Reel 
Judy's Reel  
Ladies On A Steamboat 
Laird o'Drumblair, The  
Lakes Of Sligo 
Larry O'Gaff Reel  
Lass o' Gowrie 
Last Chance  
Leavin' Home 
Leeds Hornpipe, The  
Levantine's Barrel 
Loons on the Pond  
Lord MacDonald's Reel 
MacNab's Hornpipe 
Maid Behind the Bar, The  
Maple Leaf Rag, The 
Maple Sugar  
Mariner, The 
Marquis of Huntley Strathspey, The  
Miss Johnson of Pittworth  
Miss Lyall 
Miss Susan Cooper  
Mrs. Mccloud's Reel 
Niel Gow's Lament for His Second Wife  
Nine Points Of Roguery 
Old Jim River  
Old Joe Clark 
Over The Briny Ocean  
Over The Moor To Maggie 
Over The Waterfall  
Paddy Ryan's Dream 
Phiddlin' Phil  
Pigeon on the Gatepost 
Pipe Major Christie of Wick  
Plaza Polka 
President Garfield's Hornpipe  
Puncheon Camps 
Quindaro Hornpipe, The  
Rasputin's Last Ride 
Reel du Cordonnier  
Reuben's Train 
Richmond Cotillion  
Rickett's Hornpipe 
Road To California  
Road to Mexico 
Rollin & Tumblin' Blues  
Sailor's Wife, The  
Sally Gardens 
Sally's in the Garden Siftin' Sand  
Sandy Boys 
Scartaglen Polka  
Schottische 'a Eric Montbel 
Sean Ryan's Polka  
Seneca Square Dance 
Sheehan's Reel  
Shenandoah Falls 
Sid Baglole's Tune  
Spanish Fandango 
Spoodis Skeery  
Tea Gardens Jig 
Tina's Schottische  
Turkey In The Straw 
Twin Sisters, The  
Two Pathways 
Two Rivers  
Upper Denton Hornpipe 
Waitin' for the Federals  
Westphalia Waltz  
Whalen's Breakdown 
White Cockade, The  
Wolves Howling  
Yew Pine Mountains

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