Enchanted Forest - Little Piano Pieces + CD

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Drobné skladbičky pro děti.
Některé jsou pro 3 a 4 ruce - hra s učitelem či pokročilejším žákem.
Doplněno o CD s nahrávkou.

On the bridge of Avignon
Up by the bridge the torrent roars
a: Shared-out melody, b: It is beautiful this way too
Enchanted forest
Trumpet sound
Mimicking monkey
Your true friend follows your footsteps
Decelerating ostinato
Mirror study
Old-style dance
a: The cockoo, b: The quicker cuckoo
Miraculous well
a: On the Boat (1), b: On the Boat (2)
Your true friend again follows your footsteps
Cradle song
Up into Italy!
Bear's dance
Ancient forest
Marriage porposal (Polish folksong)
a: Chorale, b: Chorale in the bass
Wandering melody
Hide and seek
a-b: Exercises in passing over and under
Catch me!
Heavy syncopation
Find me!
Over and under
a: Quintuplets, b: Sextuplets
The stubborn left hand
Hold on tight!
Crackling thirds
a: Medieval tune, b: The princess is dreaming
Ceremonial entance of the king
Flowing brook
Spring song
In memory of Anna Magdalena Bach
Watch out!
The left hand has gone crazy
Five-finger position with bulgarian rhythm
Mr. Ruler
Ode to the chromatic scale
If the thorn didn't hurt so much (Minor second is nice too!)
Winter forest
With the pedal
Pedal to the end
Courtship (Polish folksong)
Don't be grumpy!
Evening bell
Dance of the princess
Funny dance
The show-off
For Mr. Türk
In memory of the minuet
Romanian Christmas carol
Finnish lullaby
Cradle song
Olga, my Dear - Hommage a Beatles
Almost a jazz waltz
Song of slumber
In a rocking boat
Crescendo - Decrescendo (Little waltz)
Tricky minuet (with rhytmic complications)
Variations on the Glockenspiel Theme (Te magic flute)
Variations on a Hungarian Christmas tune
Goodbye (... but we shall meet again! ...)

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