Anthology Of Piano Music Volume 4: The Twentieth Century

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Editor: Denes Agay

(The) Fair (Czerny)  
African Incantation (Ranki) 
Allegro From The Five Fingers (Stravinsky)  
Arabesque No.1 In E [Debussy, Claude] 
Bagatelle Op.5 No.1 [Tcherepnin, Alexander]  
Bagatelle Op.6 No.2 (Bartok) 
Bagatelle Op.6 No.6 (Bartok)  
Bear Dance (Ten Easy Pieces) [Bartok, Bela] 
Bright Orange From Sketches In Color (Starer)  
Carillon From Eleven Children's Pieces (Casella) 
Clowns From The Circus (Turina)  
Dance (For Children Vol.2 No.8) [Bartok, Bela] 
Dance Piece From Op.37 Part Ii (Hindermith)  
Dirge From For Children Book Ii (Bartok) 
Dog-cat Polka From Piano Pastels (Antheil)  
Elegia From Six Short Pieces (Rieti) 
Etude Op.7 No.3 (Stravinsky)  
Evening In The Country (Ten Easy Pieces) [Bartok, Bela] 
Gnossienne No.1 [Satie, Erik]  
Gymnopedie No.1 [Satie, Erik] 
Invenzione From Six Short Pieces (Rieti)  
Lament From For Children Book I (Bartok) 
Laotian Flute (Ranki)  
Legende Op.12 No.6 (Prokofiev) 
Lento (Les Cinq Doigts) [Stravinsky, Igor]  
Little Prelude Op.109 No.1 (Gretchaninoff) 
Lotus Land Op.47 No.1 (Scott)  
March [Prokofiev, Sergei] 
Moderato Triste From Nine Pieces (Kodaly)  
Moonlit Meadows Op.65 No.12 [Prokofiev, Sergei] 
Mouvement Plastique (Rebikoff)  
O Polichinelo (Villa-lobos) 
On The Harmonica Op.123 No.12 (Gretchaninoff)  
Passacaglia (Piston) 
Piano Moods – Pensive And Dynamic (Schumann)  
Piano Piece (Webern) 
Piano Piece No.4 (Einem)  
Piano Piece Op 39 No 5 (Krenek) 
Play Tune From For Children Book 1 (Bartok)  
Poem Op.31 No.2 (Scriabin) 
Polynesian Lullaby (Ranki)  
Prelude (Creston) 
Prelude [Kabalevsky, Dmitri]  
Prelude From Pour Le Piano (Debussy) 
Prelude No.2 (Martin)  
Prelude Op 34 No.16 [Shostakovich, Dmitri] 
Prelude Op.11 No.9 (Scriabin)  
Prelude Op.13 No.3 (Scriabin) 
Prelude Op.16 No.4 (Scriabin)  
Rag-caprice (Milhaud) 
Resonances Op.16 Nos. 1, 4, 5 (Hauer)  
Rondo-Toccata Op.60 No.4 [Kabalevsky, Dmitri] 
Sarabande (Suite Pour Le Piano) [Debussy, Claude]  
Seven Variations On An Ukranian Folk Song Op.51 No.4 (Kabalevsky) 
Shades Of Blue From Sketches In Color (Starer)  
Shepherd Playing His Pipe Op.31 No.8 (Rebikoff) 
Siciliana From Eleven Children's Pieces (Casella)  
Sonate Au Clair De Lune (Moonlight Sonata) 
Sonatina (Bartok)  
Sonatina Op.13 No.1 [Kabalevsky, Dmitri] 
Sonatine (Ravel)  
Sway Dance (Cowell) 
The Maiden And The Nightingale From Goyescas (Granados)  
The Prankster From A Small Town Op.49 No.9 (Toch) 
Third Sonata In C Minor (Guilmant)  
Three Fantastic Dance [Shostakovich, Dmitri] 
Two Pieces From Bucolics Nos 2 And 3 (Lutoslawski)  
Two Pieces From Kaleidoscope Op.61 No.3-4 [Kadosa, Pal] 
Two Short Piano Pieces Op.19 Nos 2 And 4 (Schonberg)  
Two Voice Invention (Jelinek) 
Valsette (Kodaly)  
Vision Fugitive Op.22 No.10 (Prokofiev) 
Vision Fugitive Op.22 No.16 [Prokofiev, Sergei]  
Vision Fugitive Op.22 No.5 (Prokofiev) 
Vivace And Largo Poco Andante (Sonata In E Minor Op.3 No.3) [Blavet, Michel]  
Vivo From The Five Fingers (Stravinsky) 
Waltz From Adventures Of Ivan (Khatchaturian)  
Winter Lullaby From Piano Pastels (Antheil) 
Young May Moon

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