43 Piano Pieces for the Young op. 68

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Editor: Holger M. Stüwe
Prstoklady: Ragna Schirmer
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Soldier's March
Humming Song
A Chorale
A Little Piece
Poor Orphan
Hunter's Song
The Wild Horseman
A Little Folk Song
The Merry Peasant, Returning from Work
Knight Ruprecht
May, der May
A Little Study
Spring Song
First Loss
The Little Dawn-Wanderer
Reaper's Song
A Little Romance
Village Song
Langsam und mit Ausdruck zu spielen
The Horseman
Harvest Song
After the Theatre
Nicht schnell, hübsch vorzutragen
A Little Song in Canon
In Memory
A Stranger
Sehr langsam
Battle Song
Vintage Time - Merry Time
Italian Marinari's Song
Sailor's Song
Wintertime I
Wintertime II
Little Fugue
Nordic Song (Greetings to G.)
Figured Chorale
New Year's Eve Song

Appendix I:
Pieces from the autograph engraver’s copy not taken over into print
For the Smallest
Doll’s Lullaby
A Drinking Song by C. M. v. Weber
A Little Piece by Beethoven
On the Gondola
A Little Piece by Gluck
Cuckoo in Hiding
Blind Man’s Bluff

Appendix II:
Pieces from the Piano Album for Marie
A Little Piece by Mozart
Bear Dance
A Little Piece by J. S. Bach
A Theme by G. F. Händel
A Famous Melody by L. van Beethoven
A Ländler by Franz Schubert
Appendix III:
Pieces from the autograph sketches
No title
Venetian Lagoon
No title

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